Chance Brown Birthday: Everything To Know About Tabitha Brown Husband

Vegan actress Tabitha Brown husband Chance Brown’s birthday falls every year in December. Who are Chance’s parents? Let’s find out!

Chance Brown is recognized as the husband of actress and model Tabitha Brown.

He is also a social media personality. Together with his wife, Chance hosts the show titled “Fridays With Tab & Chance”.

Previously, he served in the Los Angeles Police Department as a police officer.

Chance is also a basketball coach. Besides, he is a businessman as well.

Chance Brown Birthday And Parents

Talking about his birthday, Chance Brown is 42 years old and his birthday falls in December.

But, his exact birthday is not disclosed. Only his birth year is available at the moment, i.e. 1979.

Likewise, Brown has yet to share the information regarding his parents and family members. Hardly any info about his parents is found on the internet.

Who Is Tabitha Brown Husband Chance Brown?

Chance Brown is a former civil servant who worked as a police officer at Los Angeles Police Department. He got retired after working for about 15 years.

Along with his wife Tabitha, Chance appears on the IGTV show named Fridays With Tab & Chance. The couple is seen catching up with their fans and followers and discussing a specific topic.

Chance and Tabitha have married for a long time already but they are yet to reveal any information about when they started dating and got married.

The couple has a daughter named Choyce Brown and a son named is Queston Brown.

Chance Brown Net Worth

Chance Brown enjoys the privilege of his wife Tabitha’s net worth, which amounts to $4 million, as per Biography Daily.

But, his personal net worth and annual income details are not disclosed.

Meanwhile, Chance should have made a considerable fortune for his career as a police officer.

Chance Brown Instagram

Chance Brown is found active on Instagram.

To date, he has gained about 92.7k Instagram followers.

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