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Single siblings help each other search for their soulmates, hoping to find love (and maybe win $100,000) while living at a luxurious villa. Dated and Related competition reality show season 1 all episodes arrived to watch online on Netflix from September 2, 2022. Here’s everything we know so far.

Dated & Related is a brand-new reality dating Netflix series, hosted by Too Hot To Handle’s Melinda Berry, which sees pairs of siblings get a glimpse into each other’s love lives, as they search for ‘the one’ together.

Watch Dated and Related S1 Online On NETFLIX

Imagine having to think about your sibling dating – how they flirt, how they treat their partners, and what their signature moves are. In this brand-new reality dating series, pairs of siblings will be seeing each other’s love life up close and personal as they search for the one together. Having a person who knows you better than anyone should help you navigate the tricky world of dating. But will they act as the ultimate wingman and help you find love? Or scupper your plans and call you out on all your bullsh*t? Either way, it might just be Awkward, As Hell!

Talking about Dated And Related cast names, Fashion designer Alara Taneri partners with her brother, Ceylan Taneri, Older sister and model Dyman Miller joins her younger brother, Deyon Miller. The streaming giant recruited sister and brother pair, Corrina and Joey Ropo, for the show after discovering their trendy TikTok dances together. Next viewers will see Julia Perfetto with her big brother Daniel Perfetto

Then we have Kaz and Kieran Bishop, identical twin brothers, and Diana and Nina Parsijani, identical twin sisters. Next is a sister pair — Mady and Lily Bajor, who are not twins (Lily is two years older). The one cousin pair in the mix is Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn

Melinda Berry, no stranger to reality dating shows after her time on “Too Hot to Handle,” hosts Dated and Related competition with a cringe twist.

Season 1 Of the Dated And Related Netflix series consists of 10 episodes. You can watch all of the full episodes online with a Netflix subscription plan. Meanwhile, you can also download episodes to watch offline anytime. The streamer gives you a download button to watch offline episodes anytime.

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