Fat Friar Character Analysis: Hufflepuff Ghost

The Fat Friar was a wizard that attended Hogwarts in his youth. He was sorted into Hufflepuff House and was taught by Helga Hufflepuff herself.

After his death, he returned to Hogwarts as a ghost and was made the ghost for Hufflepuff.

About the Fat Friar

Born 10th century
Blood Status Unknown
Occupation Friar and Ghost
Patronus Unknown
House Hufflepuff
Wand Unknown
Zodiac Sign Pisces (speculative)

Fat Friar Biography

The Fat Friar was a British wizard who, like most British wizards, attended Hogwarts in the 10th century. He was sorted in Hufflepuff and was taught by Helga Hufflepuff herself.

After he finished school, the Friar joined the mendicant religious order.

While the Friar was supposed to spend his life in poverty begging for charity, his large size suggests that he had an indulgent side.

A naturally caring person, he would often heal the sick secretly with his magic. But this made the church suspicious of the jolly man.

He would heal people by prodding them with a stick. He would also pull rabbits out of ceremonial cups for fun.

Fat Friar After Death

For some reason, the Friar returned to Hogwarts Castle as a ghost post-mortem. This suggests that he had some kind of unfinished business at the school.

He was made the house ghost for his former house, Hufflepuff, and took great pleasure in welcoming and helping new students.

He was often seen to applaud loudly when new students were sorted into Hufflepuff.

The Friar was known to be helpful to students and very forgiving. He even suggested forgiving Peeves and always giving him another chance.

Peeves, of course. The usual argument, you know. He wanted to attend the feast — well, it’s quite out of the question, you know what he’s like, utterly uncivilised, can’t see a plate of food without throwing it. We held a ghost’s council — the Fat Friar was all for giving him the chance — but most wisely, in my opinion, the Bloody Baron put his foot down.

Nearly Headless Nick, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

It is unclear how involved the house ghosts were in the running of Hogwarts.

They were present in the meeting of teachers following the death of Albus Dumbledore. They also attended the Headmaster’s funeral.

The ghosts participated in the Battle of Hogwarts. Specifically, they helped give directions to evacuate underage students from the school.

They were also seen in the mourning in the Great Hall after the battle.

Fat Friar Personality Type & Traits

The Fat Friar was friendly and caring and always tried to see the best in others, even when they committed many trespasses, such as Peeves.

However, he was also known to be a little overindulgent when it came to the finer things in life.

It is unclear why the Fat Friar was unable to move on to the next life, or why his soul was tethered to Hogwarts.

Fat Friar Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We know little about the birth of the Fat Friar, but his personality suggests that his zodiac sign could be Pisces.

These are the friendliest people in the zodiac, and they have the uncanny knack to see the best in others.

However, they are very in touch with their own desires, which means that they can have a tendency to overindulge.

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