Food Dance TikTok Song Trend And Lyrics In English Translation -In Details

A new form of “Food Dance” has gone viral on TikTok and users can’t stop dancing to the Russian song. 

A new trend has taken over TikTok and its users. The new trend dubbed #fooddance on the video-sharing platform is also known as the Hot Sauce dance.

The trend sees users dancing to the famous Russian song in a certain way while devouring delicious and spicy food.

What Is The Song From TikTok’s Food Dance Trend? Lyrics English Translation

TikTok users who wish to participate in the said food dance trend are searching for the catchy song from the trend.

According to HITC, the viral song from the video is a Russian song sung by Moreart. The title of the song when translated to English means “I will f**k.”

As the title suggests, the song is as raunchy as the title. The song is fresh, catchy, and has some groovy lyrics.

The viral TikTok food dance trend sees Moreart’s song play in the background while users pour steaming hot sauce such as cheese sauce or marinara on their food, usually containing fries, nachos, or broccoli.

Then, they take a bite of the food and get themselves ready to break into a dance. The moment the beat drops, they start dancing in a peculiar step.

The most common dance step is where you hold one hand still in front of your chest. Next, use another hand to do the dab alternately, once on the top and then on the bottom.

At last, share the video on your TikTok profile with the hashtag #fooddance, and bam, you are in on the latest trend.

Food Dance Trend Videos- Meet The Trend Creator John McGinnis 36

The Food Dance trend has gained over 1.1 billion views on TikTok.

The trend was originally created by TikTok user John McGinnis (@johnmcginnis36) with more than 5.5 million followers.

The Canadian social media personality started the trend on September 15. He shared a video of him taking a bite of a subway sandwich before breaking into the same dance step to Moreart’s song.

The video has since accrued whopping 8.5 million views. 790.5K likes, and 17.2K comments. One of the interesting facts about the trend and the TikTok user is that he is seen in the same check shirt in all of his food dance videos.

The trend has been followed by many other TikTok stars who followed the same dance routine and the song.

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