Axel Webber Age And Height: How Old And Tall Is He?

Axel Webber, a youthful TikToker, is 22 years old.

Similarly, he appears to be roughly 5 feet 10 inches tall based on his physical appearance. His actual physical size and other body measurements, however, are unclear.

Furthermore, Webber’s fans can’t get enough of his tiny home tour video on TikTok. They seem to enjoy his flicks, which is an excellent plus for him.

He cooks his meals on a single burner stove, whatever the case may be. He wished for a stove with four burners.

Moreover, Webber’s family is from Georgia, and he might have moved to New York to further his schooling.

He also misses his beloved house and family members. He has a sister and a mother, whom he has highlighted on his TikTok.

Meet Axel Webber On Instagram

Axel Webber has not been found on Instagram as of 2022. However, he is pretty famous on the TikTok platform with a massive following of 1.7 million TikTok viewers.

In addition, Webber has posted many videos and accumulated a total of 41.4 million likes at the time of this writing.

Axel creates his videos in his 100-square-foot apartment, which he says is the city’s tiniest. So you can see in the movie that he has everything adequately sorted and set up in his small flat.

@axelwebber #duet with @emilyrayna ♬ original sound – Emily Shaw

He demonstrates a sink, sleeping equipment in the style of a Bink-bed, and two beds inside. As a result, the bathroom in his flat is shared with the rest of the building’s residents.

He claims that he enjoys living in this tiny apartment and pays $1200 in rent. But, on the other hand, the viewers adore this clip of him.