John McWhorter Wife Or Gay: Is He Married? Personal Life & Sexuality Explored

Who is John McWhorter wife? Let’s find out American Linguist is happily married or gay, as the rumors suggest. To find out more about McWhorter, including his personal life and sexuality, read the article below.

John McWhorter is an American author, professor, and linguist who has a specialty in creole languages, Black English, and sociolects. He is the associate professor of linguistics at Columbia University and also teaches music history and American studies.

Likewise, McWhorter is an acclaimed author with several books published on race relations, African American culture, and hip-hop music. Besides that, he is also an award-winning writer, host of the language podcast Lexicon Valley, and is a contributing editor at The Atlantic.

In his latest book Woke Racism, John talks about the current trends in race relations in America, how antiracism is morphing into religion, and argues about illiberal neo-racism, disguised as anti-racism. He shares how it is hurting the black community and tweaking the American social fabric.

John McWhorter Wife Or Gay: Is He Married?

There is no information on John Mc Whorter’s marriage or his sexuality on the web. The American linguist is featured on Wikipedia, but the page lacks his details as well.

For now, McWhorter seems to be single and doesn’t have a wife. Also, there have been no rumors about his past relationships either. We don’t have any information about him being gay. John has also not opened up about his sexuality, and therefore, he seems to be straight.

We hope to update it soon.

John McWhorter Personal Life And Sexuality Explored

John Mc Whorter’s details are unavailable.

The American author is an extremely private person regarding his details despite being active on social media. There is little to no information about him on the web.

Similarly, we are also unaware of him being gay as he has not opened about his sexuality. However, the rumor of him being gay might just be because of his bold views on LGBT topics.

John joined Twitter in Marc 2013 and is quite active on the platform. His handle is @JohnHMcWhorter and has shared 2.4k tweets so far. He also has a large following of 195.5k followers.

Despite being active on social media, John has maintained his privacy and managed to keep his details away from the internet. He has kept his social media accounts extremely professional and rarely shares anything personal on them.

We hope to update it soon.

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