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Jordan Mcgraw Biography

Jordan McGraw is an American singer and lead Guitarist who is Best known as the Son of American Psychologist Phil McGraw.He makes music living in his Los Angeles Mansion with his Bandmates Drew Langan and Matt Black. He is a member of the band named, Hundred Handed. The group first rose to popularity in 2015 after releasing their debut single “Love Me The Weekend.”

He is also an animal loving person as he pets a hairless cat named Zero, Husky dog named Prince, and a French Bulldog named Pigg.

At the early age of fifteen, fascinated by the world of music, Jordan officially formed his first band, The Upside in 2005. He also played in Stars in Stereo from 2011 to 2015.

From 2011 to 2015, Jordan played as a lead guitarist in the band Stars in Stereo based in Los Angeles, California. The alternative rock band got disbanded in 2015. Later, Jordan joined the group Hundred Handed as the vocalist. Their debut single Love Me Like The Weekend become famous in 2015 with the band members Drew Langan as a drummer and Matt Black as bassist. In 2017, the band parted with Matt and issued singles like Miss California, Too Good, Vibe and Celebrate.

His Mother is Robin Mcgraw

Jordan McGraw started playing guitar at 15 years old. He’s 31 now, so he’s definitely been putting in work. I know you’re probably thinking the son of a superstar television psychologist like Dr. Phil might have had a little help from daddy pursuing a career in the music business, but it seems like McGraw has been working really hard to make a name for himself for a really long time.

In 2005, McGraw formed his first band called The Upside, for which he was lead vocalist and lead guitarist. It doesn’t seem like the group went very far since McGraw joined the band Stars in Stereo soon after from 2011 to 2015.

There isn’t much to find on the alternative rock band. They have no official Spotify page or YouTube channel, but I managed to come across a group interview on Rock Revolt Magazine and their very-’90s looking website lives on to this day. Interestingly enough, even in 2012, the reporter mentions having some difficulty digging up any real info on the group. Maybe the band wasn’t into obsessively updating their Facebook status like I was in 2012? Either way, there aren’t many official traces of the group left on the net. Though, you can still find a few videos of the band’s performances on YouTube to prove Stars in Stereo was once very much a thing. Here they are performing their song “Leave Your Mark” at KILO 94.3 radio station in Colorado.

During his stint with OMG, McGraw worked with several artists like Crystal Harris and Margo Rey, and even recorded songs of his own.

Between 2011 to 2015, he was the lead guitarist in a band named Stars in Stereo, based in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, the alternative rock band disbanded in 2015 leaving McGraw to decide which way he would go.

McGraw then joined Hundred Handed as their vocalist and their debut single, “Love Me Like the Weekend,” became a hit in 2015. Drummer Drew Langan and bassist Matt Black were the other members of the band.

In 2017, the band parted company with Black and went their own way. The band then released several singles like “Too Good,” “Miss California,” “Celebrate,” and “Vibe.”

Being Dr. Phil’s son gave Jordan McGraw a lot of advantages, even from a young age. He was mentored by accomplished music producer David Foster throughout his teens. Foster also contributed notes for Hundred Handed’s debut album.

Jordan Mcgraw Age

Born on October 21 1986 Jordan is 33 years of age as of 2019.

Jordan Mcgraw Height

He stands at a fair height of 5 feet and 11 inches. He also has a fair body weight to match his body height

Jordan Mcgraw Net Worth

He has an estimated Networth of around $1.5 Million.

Jordan Mcgraw Wife|Is Jordan Mcgraw Married?|Jordan Mcgraw And Marissa Jack Married

In 2011, McGraw was rumored to be dating American model and television personality Crystal Harris, but he never confirmed the relationship. Some people believe they were just working together and were not involved personally.

Harris later went on to marry the legendary founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner.

Then in 2012, McGraw met Marissa Jack, and the couple started dating. Jack was from Phoenix, Arizona, and sometimes joined Jordan McGraw’s band onstage due to his urging. She too was a rising star in the music industry, with a voice to be reckoned with!

Unfortunately, the couple decided to call it quits (probably around early 2017), after having dated for a few years.

Jordan Mcgraw Band

In 2005, McGraw formed his first band called The Upside, for which he was lead vocalist and lead guitarist. It doesn’t seem like the group went very far since McGraw joined the band Stars in Stereo soon after from 2011 to 2015.

Jordan Mcgraw Dr Phil

Growing up with a famous parent can have its advantages. But it also has its disadvantages, namely that you’re constantly asked what life with your famous parent is like. This goes double when you have a parent who is famous for something like working with people. That’s why everything Dr. Phil’s son Jordan McGraw has to say about his famous dad rings true.

Everyone knows Dr. Phil McGraw as the television therapist, there to fix all kinds of problems. But to his son, up and coming musician Jordan, he’s just dad. Of course, that doesn’t mean that his dad doesn’t give him insight and support when he needs it. When asked by PEOPLE about advice his dad has given him as his career begins to take off, McGraw said his dad gave him some valuable insight.

“Just to have fun and not to worry about what people think.” “I don’t care what someone wants to say if it’s negative. If they want to hang out and be positive, great,” he adds.

Jordan Mcgraw Flexible

Dr. Phil’s son is making a big splash as a musical artist.Jordan McGraw, who previously sang and played guitar in his band Hundred Handed, has released his first single and music video as a solo artist.

The video for “Flexible” is a comedic take on ’80s aerobics videos and includes cameos from celebs, including his dad, John Mayer, T-Pain, Amanda Cerny, Ron White, and more.

The danceable pop track was written by Dewain Whitmore Jr. and Simon Wilcox, who has also worked with Nick Jonas and Fifth Harmony.

On April 19, McGraw will also release a remix of the song featuring T-Pain.The danceable pop track was written by Dewain Whitmore Jr. and Simon Wilcox, who has also worked with Nick Jonas and Fifth Harmony.

On April 19, McGraw will also release a remix of the song featuring T-Pain.

Jordan Mcgraw Tattoos

Everyone has had the dream where they join a band and proceed to fully indulge in sex, drugs and rock n’ roll in the most hedonistic way possible. For the few lucky ones that get to actually live out this reality they will finish the tour with a hell of a hangover and a couple of stories they might not want to share with their loved ones, but no lasting damage. That is, unless the band you are on tour with is Stars in Stereo. If you spend any time on the road with guitarist Jordan McGraw and drummer Drew Langan you’ll most likely be coming home with a tattoo and chances are it’s not going to be a tattoo you wanted.

“We have a tattoo roulette wheel,” McGraw explains. “We have this app with a bunch of horrible tattoo ideas and instead of settling bets with money we settle them with spins of the wheel.”

Both McGraw and Langan have felt the wrath of the wheel in the past; a memorial tattoo to pop singer Selena is in McGraw’s near future while Langan will soon be inked with an even more bizarre tattoo.

“I have to get one of a jackalope breakfast scene,” Langan laughs. “Luckily that one is a little bit open as to how I want to do it, it just has to involve a jackalope and breakfast food.

Jordan Mcgraw Bebe Rexha

Breaking up has paid off big for former teen-pop kings the Jonas Brothers, who split up in 2013 and reunited in February.

Indeed, the siblings — Nick, 27, Joe, 30, and Kevin, 31 — are having quite the comeback, thanks largely to their six-year hiatus.

Released June 7, their comeback album, “Happiness Begins,” this month went platinum after reaching the 1 million mark for sales. It’s their first new album since 2010. That was two years after English comedian and actor poked fun of the trio while he was hosting the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

In August, the trio won the 2019 MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video for their single “Sucker” (which bears a striking resemblance to the Portugal. The Man mega-hit, “Feel It Now”).

August also saw JoBros, as they are fondly known by fans, win the 2019 Teen Choice Award for Artist of the Decade, an intriguing achievement for a group that was inactive for the past six years.

Their seven-month “Happiness Begins” tour, which opened Aug. 7 in Miami, includes a nearly sold-out show here tomorrow at Pechanga Arena San Diego. Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw are the opening acts.

One key to the Jonas Brothers’ success was articulated by Joe Jonas in a 2017 Union-Tribune interview. “I think, honestly, it’s just being able to dare to suck, as we learned early on with songwriting,” he said. “Being able to work out all the ideas and be collaborative, enjoy every moment — and practice and practice and practice. Do as many shows as you can, that’s my advice.”

Jordan Mcgraw Songs

Met At A Party · 2019
Too Good
OO WHOA · 2018


Practice In the Mirror
OO WHOA · 2018

OO WHOA · 2018
OO WHOA · 2018

Favorite Flavor
OO WHOA · 2018

No Last Names
OO WHOA · 2018

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