Know How And Where To Watch Barbarian, End Of The Road, Flight/Risk Movies

Barbarian, End Of The Road, Flight/Risk movies are released on September 9 and if you don’t know how and where to watch these films then here’s we have everything about these movies how can you watch them, just in theaters or can you stream them online or not. All of these answers you will get in this article are below.

Watch Barbarian Movie In Theaters

Barbarian follows a young woman who finds out the home she rented was double-booked with another man, and discovers a dark secret in the house. The Film stars Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgard, and Justin Long. It was theatrically released by 20th Century Studios and received positive reviews from critics.

Watch End Of The Road On Netflix

End Of The Road movie follows about a widowed mom Brenda fights to protect her family during a harrowing road trip when murder and a missing bag of cash plunge them into danger. The film stars Queen Latifah, Ludacris, Beau Bridges, Mychala Faith Lee, Shaun Dixon, Frances Lee McCain and is now available to watch/stream online on Netflix.

Watch Flight/Risk On Amazon Prime Video

Flight / Risk follows everyday people who find themselves in the midst of a global tragedy when two Boeing 737 Max planes crashed only five months apart in 2018 and 2019. This powerful Prime Video documentary is told through the perspective of affected family members, their legal teams, whistleblowers, and Pulitzer-winning Seattle Times journalist Dominic Gates.

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