Orsolya Gaal Nationality And Occupation Revealed

Orsolya Gaal had an American nationality since she was from Queens, New York City.

Talking about occupation, Gaal was a housemaker. She had attended a local school and graduated from Budapest Business School College of International Management and Business.

Queens Handyman David Bonola Arrested As Orsolya Gaal Murder Suspect

A handyman named David Bonola was arrested as a suspect in Orsolya Gaal’s murder case.

He was detained by the NYPD on the night of 20 April 2022. As reported by The Sun, he allegedly confessed to stabbing Orsolya to death in an interrogation.

Other than that, Bonola also revealed that he had an affair with Gaal. The couple had an argument over certain things which is why he jabbed Gaal repeatedly.

As a result, David is charged with 3 offenses including murder, criminal tampering, and criminal possession of a weapon.

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Explore Orsolya Gaal Family Details

Orsolya Gaal had a sweet little family of four including herself.

She was blessed with her loving husband named Howard Klein. When she was killed, Klein was on a trip to Portland with their eldest child on a college visit.

Gaal and her youngest child were at home but she went out stating that she is going to watch a movie. However, in reality, she went to a local bar and sat alone before her murder.

Orsolya’s family is devastated by her brutal murder and they are grieving for her.

Orsolya Gaal Murder Case- What Happened To Her?

Orsolya Gaal’s murder case seems to be coming to a closure. Although what happened to her is a mystery, let us explore some facts.

On the night of 15 April 2022, she went out of her home. Then, she headed to a local bar where she sat alone and had a few drinks.

Following that, Orsolya met a man (probably the suspect David Bonola). The two had some arguments after which Bonola allegedly stabbed her to death in her house’s basement.

Then, David dragged her body to the Forest Park nearby her home in Queens. The police found her body on 16 April and traced the blood prints to her house. 

The NYPD found blood-soaked boots in the trash can outside of Gaal’s garage. The officers are running DNA tests to match it with the current suspect, David who confessed to murdering her.

Find Orsolya Gaal On Facebook

Orsolya Gaal was active on Facebook and she often shared her photos.

She seemed to be a social butterfly who attracted a lot of attention. She also uploaded pictures with her husband, children, and dog.

As of now, Gaal’s comment section has been filled with condolences. May her wonderful soul rest in peace.