Reclaim 2022 Movie Netflix: Release Date

We are here to know about the movie Reclaim which is going to stream on Netflix where so this is a drama that actually revolves around a woman who starts soon lose her sense of reality because of the family pressures which are deeply in her.

What will the Netflix movie reclaim 2022 will be all about?

There lives a woman Yeh Lan – hsin, in the corner of Taipei, she’s about to retire and she is a very busy kind of person who tried to complete and solve all things which actually come on her, she’s running always all around to make the problems which come on her go away.

She’s a person who needs to earn money to keep food for her family and she doesn’t have much space in her house for any other things she lives in a very small house because of the personal needs of a family she also lost her personal space she has a dream of buying a new home for her family.

One day she gets to know about a house that is really high price for her and unknowingly she loses her control and tries to go forward and forward.

Maybe this might be a cause of depression she starts to lose the ability to know the difference between reality and her dreams and this is so common that she has the precious from her family due to the pressure she has from her life right now she’s completely in depression so she is unable to distinguish between these 2 things.

What Can We Expect The Release Date For the Movie Reclaim Will Be?


The Netflix movie Reclaim 2022 will be releasing or making its debut on the 6th of August 2022 even though there was a movie that was released in the month of September back in the year 2014, now this is going to be the new one that will be streaming on Netflix in a very few days like in 4 days.

Who Are The People We Will Be Watching In The Movie Reclaim?

  • The one person who writes and directs the movie is C J Wang
  • Chia An Yu
  • Hsi Shun Kou
  • Hee Ching Paw
  • Yi Ching Lu
  • Chia Yen Ko
  • Mason Lee
  • Shih – Hsun Kou

This series originated in Taiwan where it was actually shot in the Mandarin language.

RG productions are the company that took the work of the production and the total runtime of the movie is 2 hours 4 minutes.

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