Tai Emery Flashed Breasts After Knocking Out Khunchai, Her OnlyFans Account Is Now Blowing Up

Bare-knuckle fighter Tai Emery flashed her breasts in celebration after knocking out opponent Rung-Arun Khunchai, and now she’s earning huge dough on OnlyFans.

Emery’s uppercut and hook sent Khunchai crashing down, and seconds after the referee announced Emery’s win, she pulled down her sports bra and flashed her boobs to the Bangkok crowd watching the fight, according to a news report by TMZ.

That quick peep show led to an absolutely massive response on Tai Emery’s OnlyFans account. She saw a 62-fold increase in paying fans on the adult-content platform, which equates to a 6,150% increase, according to TMZ.

The difference in her income is astronomical. She went from making roughly $400 a month by posting content to her OnlyFans account to generating an astounding estimated income of $25k per month, based on current numbers and interest being generated, according to TMZ.

This could quickly amount to a lucrative, $300k-a-year side hustle for the 35-year-old athlete, according to TMZ.

“Holy moly, my OnlyFans went maybe 40 to maybe [2,500], or something like that.”

– Emery said, according to TMZ.

Emery seems thrilled with her newfound success on OnlyFans and plans to maximize the fanbase. She was asked if she had plans to continue posting adult content, and she replied favorably to the opportunity.

For sure. I’m trying to get it to a point where maybe there’s like gonna be a reflection of a sea of titties just looking back at me in like this army of salute, from men to women,” — Emery said, according to TMZ.

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