What Does Abow Mean On TikTok? Meaning On Urban Dictionary And How To Use

A new word called Abow is trending on TikTok, and fans are curious to know what it means, and its uses are on TikTok. 


There is always some new thing going on in TikTok, and now it’s the turn of this trend. Tik Tokers present new challenges and trends, followed by millions of TikTokers now and then.

Though the word Abow originally came from the song ‘He Told Me Throw It Back A Bow’ was sung and written by ShantiiP and TarioP, it has many different meanings associated with it.

What Does Abow Mean On TikTok?

Abow simply on TikTok is a new trend that is going viral, and the Tiktokers have a new way to show their moves.

In basic terms, the word Abow means wow or damn. However, the word is used in different terms in Tiktok. Mostly it describes lovely women who are so beautiful that one can’t take their eye off them.

Many new words or phrases have stormed the web, and terms like Lit, Chocolate party, Oh Me Oh My, Glow Up Low Key, and the most popular Karen are often used.

Abow is also one such word that became a hit from the song “Throw It Back” song by ShantiiP and TarioP. Since then, the Tiktokers have evolved the word into many different meanings.

The song’s lyric is creating hype for the trenders now on TikTok. Likewise, the song was uploaded by the rapper TarioP and ShantiiP on YouTube on 27 December 2021. The video has crossed over 139 thousand views.

Abow Definition And Meaning On Urban Dictionary Explained

The word Abow according to Urban Dictionary, has many definitions and meanings explained behind it.

The first meaning of Abow that appears in the dictionary is ‘a slang used in Sweden in the ghetto area which means wow or damn’. The example goes like this: ‘Did you see that game last night? Abow it was crazy!’.

The second meaning that appears in the dictionary is ‘ Milwaukee people using this term a lot, which is When they are getting lit, ‘ Example: ‘Yeah, she ate that abow abow bow bow.’

There are so many meanings associated with it, and to put it simply, you are shocked and wowed at the same time with the fascination toward another human being.

It is also used as a hype word when people dance, specifically low-end dancing.

How To Use Abow In TikTok Explained

Abow can be used in many different ways by TikTokers, and if you search on TikTok, many users have created so many different styles and versions of it as well.

To use the latest trend Abow In TikTok, first, you need to have a smartphone. Second, you need to install the TikTok app.

Start shooting a video, whether dance moves or comedy skits, while lipsyncing the lyrics.

Make a bunch of videos and check out which one is better. If you are lazy, just do one short clip.

After this, do not forget to review your video, save it to your phone, and post it.

If you like add appropriate captions and hashtags and upload them to your Tik Tok account.

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