What Happened To Brandon Gibbs Dad? Ron Gibbs ’90 Days Fiance’ Illness Explained

What happened to Brandon Gibbs’s dad Ron Gibbs? It is known that he has an illness. The majority of Brandon’s admirers want to know the specific illness from which his father is suffering.

Ron Gibbs is most known as Brandon Gibbs’s Dad from the reality show ‘90 days Fiance’.

Viewers and fans were concerned about Brandon Gibbs’ father’s illness when the first episode of ‘90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell All’ aired.

During the show, Brandon discussed his father Ron Gibbs’ health problems.

Brandon’s father’s health was brought up at the time when his parents offered to help Brandon and his fiance Julia with a down payment on a house.

Julia, on the other hand, declined because she does not want to live on a farm with Brandon’s parents. Despite Brandon opening up that he misses them greatly.

Brandon went on to say that he wants to be near his parents because his father Ron’s health is deteriorating.

However, according to several admirers, Julia has been rolling her eyes when he looked to grow upset about Ron’s condition.

What Happened To Brandon Gibbs Dad: Is He Sick?

Yes, Brandon Gibb’s dad Ron Gibbs is sick but the exact illness is not disclosed yet.

The source also claimed that Brandon’s parents are the Farm owning family.

Although viewers are clearly concerned about Brandon’s father, the majority appear to blame Julia for her decision to stay away from the farm.

Because of Brandon’s father, some people believe Julia should move in with them. Others, on the other hand, agree that they should not return to the farm.

Ron Gibbs ’90 Days Fiance’ Illness Explained

Unfortunately, Ron Gibbs’ illness is still unknown.

It was just recently reported that his health is deteriorating.

Similarly, fans were lead to believe that Ron is ‘dying,’ and Brandon’s parents implied that he only had a little time left.

Brandon’s father continues to labor on the farm despite his health problems.

However, fans appear to believe that Brandon will return to the farm to assist if Ron is unable to work.

Moreover, Ron seemed to be in good health and shape six months ago. On ‘90 Day Fiance,’ there was no mention of an illness, implying that his health had just lately deteriorated.

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