Where Is Amy Lynn Preasmyer Today?

Amy Preasmyer was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release when she was 16 years old for hiring an assassin to assassinate her boyfriend. There is no information about where Amy is today, but she has become focused because he hired a man to assassinate his boyfriend.

Preasmyer was found guilty of murder and special-circumstance allegations of lying in wait, conspiracy, and solicitation of murder by a Los Angeles Superior Court jury after more than two weeks of deliberation.

Preasmyer faces life in jail without the possibility of release because prosecutors did not pursue the death sentence. Preasmyer’s lawyer did not respond to messages seeking comment. Preasmyer informed authorities that she returned home an hour after the murder and saw the victim shot in the head in their bedroom.

Amy Lynn Preasmyer Boyfriend: Ricky Cowles Detail

There is no detailed information about Ricky Cowles. Amy Lynn Preasmyer was found guilty in 1997 of hiring a man to murder Ricky Cowles Jr. because he had gotten her pregnant and devastated her life.

William Hoffman, a former store worker, has already been sentenced to life in jail for the murder of Cowles. He claimed that another individual was to blame throughout his trial.  In 2005, Preasmyer, Jennifer Kellogg, 28, who shared a Gadsden Avenue apartment with Preasmyer and Cowles, and David Ashbury, 29, were charged.

Prosecutors were unable to establish an apparent reason for Hoffman’s murder at the time of his trial in 1999. Hoffman did not know Cowles, a young electrician who worked for his family’s company, and officials speculated at the time that he was convinced to kill Cowles by someone else.

During the trial, witnesses claimed that Hoffman informed them he killed Cowles for Cowles’ girlfriend, although she denied any involvement in his killing.

Ricky Cowles Family

As previously stated, there is no detailed information available on Ricky Cowles. Ricky had ruined Amy’s life, so she hired a man to assassinate him.

Although we have not been able to get detailed information about Ricky’s family by searching various websites, we are attempting to do so.

We will update this webpage with any new information about Ricky’s parents.