Ruth Neave Child Cruelty Debunked

Ruth Neave’s child cruelty sent her to prison and put her on the suspicion spectrum for the murder of his son for nearly three decades. 

Neave was found guilty of child cruelty and negligence and was sentenced to prison for seven years but cleared from the murder charges. 

According to The Irish Time, Neave’s child cruelty included forcing dishwashing liquid down Rikki’s throat and leaving him outside the house on a cold December night only in his pajamas. Not just Rikki suffered from her abuses but so did Ruth’s three other daughters. 

According to The Free Library, she indeed was a real evil mother. She burned her children on different body parts with cigarettes and beat her children senselessly.

Similarly, she also locked her children in filthy urine-covered rooms for hours to teach them lessons.  All in all, she gave the children a real feel of the imagined hell. 

Where Is Rikki Neave’s Mother Ruth Neave Now 2022?

Rikki Neave’s mother Ruth Neave has finally found justice for her dead son in 2022.

She recently released a statement after James Watson was found guilty of the murder. He was 13 at the time of the murder. 

In the statement, Ruth said, I would like to thank the jury for the right decision, the prosecution, the police, and the people that believed in me and Rikki. 

She added, now my son’s murderer is convicted and police and social services have totally ruined mine and my daughters’ lives, the only thing now is to close this chapter in my life and open a new one. 

Ruth might start her life from a new beginning as the old chapter in her life has come to an end. She might be looking forward to living a completely normal life away from the eyes of suspicions. 

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