Why fans don’t want Blackpink’s Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook together

BTS & Blackpink may be two of the biggest K-pop groups in the world – performing internationally and having huge fandoms that frequently break the internet. With so many fans from around the world, it’s not too surprising to see some of the biggest stans think members would look fantastic together if they were to date. One of the more popular pairings is the ship between BTS’s Jungkook & Blackpink’s Lisa.

However, for some BTS & Blackpink fans, a relationship between Jungkook & Lisa, known by shippers as “Lizkook”, is fiction and, quite frankly, ludicrous. Some K-pop fans believe Lizkook is pure fantasy, created by stans who took too much out of brief moments the vocalists had with one another.

Here’s a look at where Lizkook even came from and why BTS & Blackpink fans think Lizkook shippers should stop the unsubstantiated rumors.

The origins of “Lizkook”

Fans who ship Lisa & Jungkook lovingly call the relationship “Lizkook”. On some forums, fans think an interaction at a 2017 awards show is what sparked the ship. Many also point to their similar status in their groups. They were both born in 1997, so Jungkook & Lisa are both maknae, or the youngest members of their group. Lisa & Jungkook are also talented vocalists & dancers and lead many of their band’s songs. 

Much to the chagrin of many fans, Lizkook managed to get nominated for “Best Ship” at the Nickelodeon Mexico Kids’ Choice Awards in June 2019. The ship “Lizkook” has a large internet presence, with dedicated YouTube videos & fanfiction stories on Wattpad. Whenever pictured together in public, Lizkook shippers love to make compilation videos of their short interactions. 

Jungkook & Lisa also are extremely popular within their fandoms. According to Billboard, Lisa has more Instagram followers than any other K-pop star at 40 million followers. Meanwhile, Forbes reports Jungkook has “broken the internet” multiple times and is constantly a top trend on Twitter.

Reasons fans reject Lizkook

After being nominated for the Kids’ Choice Award, many members of ARMY took to Twitter voicing their disdain for the recognition. According to Koreaboo, one fan said it was “disrespectful” to Lisa & Jungkook and many asked for the “nomination to be taken down”. 

Since BTS & Blackpink haven’t collaborated on any songs, Jungkook & Lisa likely haven’t talked with each other outside of their short public appearances on award shows. Many ARMY members & Blackpink fans disregard their brief interactions, as they believe there isn’t anything to extrapolate from their short moments together. 

Many K-pop fans deny the rumors because they believe Lizkook fans are invading Jungkook & Lisa’s privacy. Fans against Lizkook think the two K-pop idols should be able to keep their personal lives a secret. A common describer of Lizkook stans is the word “delusional”, especially from Blackpink & BTS fans who hate the ship the most.

Do Blackpink or BTS have a dating ban?

According to K-pop Map, BTS doesn’t have an explicit dating ban, but none of its members have decided to date, even after rumors of Jungkook being in a relationship with a mystery woman. KBIZoom reported Blackpink’s dating ban “hasn’t changed”, but there seems to be some exceptions, and the ban is mostly for rookies, according to Koreaboo.

It’s not uncommon for record labels to ban K-pop idols from dating. Seventeen reported some management companies strictly prohibit dating, while others may allow a relationship sometimes, but it would have to be kept secret. This is meant to keep the “allure” of the stars being single, according to Seventeen

Even if members of BTS or Blackpink wanted to date, their lives appear too busy to keep a healthy relationship alive. Blackpink’s members Jennie & Rose expressed this notion in an interview with Elle magazine, where Jennie said, “Even on our days off, we’re basically at the studio recording” and Rose agreed with, “Life is work, and work is life!”

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