Woman catches coronavirus twice in 20 days

A woman caught coronavirus twice within 20 days.

A healthcare worker caught COVID-19 twice within 20 days

A healthcare worker caught COVID-19 twice within 20 days

Spanish researchers have claimed that the 31-year-old healthcare worker was infected with two different variants of the virus – Delta in late December and Omicron in January.

It is thought to be the shortest time between two infections documented since the beginning of the pandemic.

The woman did not develop any symptoms after her first positive COVID test but developed a cough and a fever three weeks later which prompted her to take another test.

Further analysis showed that the patient had been infected by two separate strains of COVID-19.

The case was presented by Dr. Gemma Recio at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and she says it shows the danger of the disease.

She said: “People who have COVID-19 cannot assume they are protected against reinfection, even if they have been fully vaccinated.”

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