Who’s Dallas Goedert Dating in 2023? Inside the NFL Star’s Romantic Life!

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Dallas Goedert’s name is buzzing in the NFL circles, not just for his towering height of 6’5″ or his weight of 256 pounds, but for his unparalleled talent as a tight end. His contributions to the Philadelphia Eagles have been nothing short of spectacular.

Every step he took toward the NFL spotlight speaks volumes about his dedication, grit, and sheer love for football. Hailing from the quaint town of Britton in South Dakota, Dallas was born on January 3, 1995.

His childhood was painted with dreams of sports, excelling in both football and basketball. These early achievements paved the way for a scholarship at South Dakota State University, where he didn’t just play but left an indelible mark.

He shattered records, becoming the tight end with the most receptions, yards, and touchdowns in the university’s history. This didn’t go unnoticed. NFL scouts saw potential, and a bright future in professional football beckoned.

Behind the Scenes: Dallas’s Personal Life

While Dallas’s professional life is an open book, he’s more discreet about his personal life. He’s currently in a relationship with Aria Meyer, a nurse by profession and a South Dakotan by birth.

Their history traces back to their school days at Britton-Hecla and continues through their time at South Dakota State University. Their relationship timeline remains a mystery, but glimpses of their bond are occasionally shared.

Aria, in 2020, posted a picture with Dallas, and more followed, including a heartwarming one from January 10, 2023, where they are seen sharing a moment on the football field.

Dallas, on the other hand, is more reserved on social media, sharing rare moments like a family softball game in June 2021, where Aria is seen by his side.

Dallas Goedert

Drafted and Beyond Dallas’s NFL Journey

2018 was a landmark year for Dallas. The Philadelphia Eagles, recognizing his potential, drafted him in the second round. His unique blend of soft hands, agility, and route-running prowess made him an indispensable asset for the Eagles.

Quarterbacks found a reliable target in him, and he swiftly garnered admiration from teammates and fans. His journey saw him evolve, honing both his blocking and catching skills.

His physical attributes combined with his strategic gameplay make him a challenge for any defense. His commitment is evident both in his offensive plays and his defensive blocks.

More than Just a Player

Beyond the roaring crowds and the glaring stadium lights, Dallas is known for his down-to-earth nature. Success hasn’t changed him. He often attributes his achievements to his coaches, family, and teammates.

His relentless training sessions and commitment to bettering himself reflect in every game he plays. Like every NFL player, Dallas too has had his share of injuries.

But what sets him apart is his resilience. Every setback has been met with unwavering determination, showcasing his mental fortitude.

In Retrospect

Dallas Goedert’s ascent from a young boy in South Dakota to an NFL sensation is nothing short of a fairy tale. His physical prowess, combined with his strategic acumen, makes him an invaluable asset to the Philadelphia Eagles.

His journey is a testament to where passion combined with hard work can lead. As he continues to push boundaries, the NFL horizon looks promising, further cementing his reputation as a top tight end in the league.

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