List Of 11 Black Clover Arc In Released Date Order

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In addition to being widely recognized, Black Clover has a lot of great episodes to its name. Fans consider it one of the next big things in anime. The manga for Black Clover has been quite spectacular lately. Fans anticipate each chapter as they learn more about the Land of the Sun and the all-new characters and abilities it introduces.

Throughout this series, Asta and Yuno are two boys who aim to become the Wizard King in this series. The Wizard King is known to be the strongest mage in the Clover Kingdom, so they know that this is no easy task. In light of this, both of them strive to achieve their dreams.

In my opinion, that’s an impressive acclaim. In addition, as a shounen anime filled with action and drama, it manages to leave a lasting impression on the viewers which makes it worthy of our time and attention. For now, anime fans will have to wait until 2023 for the movie, whose plot has yet to be revealed. However, some fans tend to get a bit confused about the arcs that the anime has to offer. In order to eliminate any confusion, here’s a list of all arcs in Black Clover.

In Order Of Release Date, Here Is A List Of All Black Clover Arcs

In this list, we have arranged the anime arcs in released date order, so that you can rest assured that watching them in the order that we have given below will give you the best possible experience. From a narrative standpoint, Black Clover’s arcs are all crucial because they encompass a huge storyline that needs to be thoroughly fleshed out. It is for this reason that fans should not miss any of these important arcs in the series.

Name Of The Arc Release Date Chapters
Magic Knights Entrance Arc 16-Feb-15 01-Oct
Dungeon Exploration Arc 27-Apr-15 Nov-21
Royal Capital Assault Arc 20-Jul-15 22-37
Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc 16-Nov-15 38-56
Seabed Temple Arc 18-Apr-16 57-73
Witches’ Forest Arc 29-Aug-16 74-101
Royal Knights Arc 20-Mar-17 102-146
Elf Reincarnation Arc 26-Mar-18 147-228
Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc 18-Nov-19 229-260
Spade Kingdom Raid Arc 24-Aug-20 261-331
Arc 11 01-Aug-22 Ongoing

1.  Magic Knights Entrance Arc (1-10 Chapters)

The first arc of the Black Clover series introduces viewers to Asta and Yuno, two young kids who have set their sights on becoming the Wizard King. The story begins in Hage Village, located in the Clover Kingdom, where both receive their grimoires, and then proceed to take the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. During this exam, participants must demonstrate their magical abilities before Magic Knight captains who will take note of those they consider especially promising.

Yuno is gifted with a four-leaf grimoire and passes all tests to join the Golden Dawn, while Asta fails most but is still recruited by Yami of the Black Bulls due to his five-leafed clover grimoire. Now assigned a guild, both of them continue pursuing their ambition of becoming Wizard King.

2.  Dungeon Exploration Arc (11-21 Chapters)

The Clover and Diamond Kingdoms, which share a border, desire to explore the newly discovered dungeon. Its captivating qualities fascinate audiences, as they witness how the anime will incorporate its own magical power system. This arc provides an insight into what viewers can expect from this brand of magic.

3. Royal Capital Assault Arc (22-37 Chapters)

The renowned Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom is home to many citizens – however, it is currently under attack by a mysterious terrorist group. Their only goal? To capture some members of the Magic Knights. Unsurprisingly, the Magic Knights are not pleased, and are actively taking steps to save their capital and apprehend these criminals. This is what the Royal Capital Assault Arc is about.

4. Eye Of The Midnight Sun Encounter Arc (38-56 Chapters)

The Eye of the Midnight Sun arc is definitely one to keep an eye on. With its captivating premise, it’s no wonder viewers can’t help but be drawn in. This gripping story follows a kidnapper as they take some kids, causing clashes between the Eye of the Midnight Sun and Magic Knights. What lies ahead in this thrilling battle is sure to draw even more attention – and make it very difficult to look away!

5. Seabed Temple Arc (57-73 Chapters)

The Wizard King has issued a challenge to the Black Bulls– an exciting and unique task. They must find a special stone located in the Seabed Temple, but this will be no easy feat. The priest of the temple has set forth a series of difficult and unexpected tests for the team to pass before they can obtain it. Whatever obstacles lie ahead, this mission promises to be an incredible adventure.

6. Witches’ Forest Arc (74-101 Chapters)

After obtaining the stone in the prior arc, Asta had his hand examined by a healer who informed him that it may never work properly again. Consequently, the group divides and sets out to track down a more permanent solution. Their mission leads them to the Witches’ forest, an intimidating locale connected to one of the Black Bulls. Everyone in their party senses its imminent danger; however, they must endure it in order to receive a lasting remedy.

7. Royal Knights Arc (102-146 Chapters)

The Royal Knights Arc is far more than meets the eye. Instead of following a particular antagonist, it focuses on what transpired after the previous arc’s climax. This captivating story arc has earned great respect from fans as viewers will be taken on a delightful journey featuring Asta and his companions going to various places and meeting many new people. Undoubtedly, this is only the start of a wonderful experience!

8. Elf Reincarnation Arc (147-228 Chapters)

The Elf Reincarnation arc is a major part of the show, as it is going to completely alter how things work. The plot deals with the reincarnation of elves when faced with an attack from the Royal Knights. Initially, they had everything under control yet soon enough events took an unexpected turn and conflict began to consume them. Now different questions arise – how will the Royal Knights manage this predicament? If you haven’t watched it yet, now is your chance!

9. Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc (229-260 Chapters)

The Hearts Kingdom is fighting a difficult battle with the Spade Kingdom and the Dark Triads, one that calls for Asta’s best performance. This arc is brimming with thrilling action which could alter your view of the franchise, so it’s highly recommended viewing. Don’t miss out – watch the Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle arc as soon as you can!

10. Spade Kingdom Raid Arc (261-331 Chapters)

This arc is key in the cooperation between the Clover and Heart Kingdoms to combat the Spade Kingdom and its power. The conclusion of the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc revealed Lucius Zogratis to be Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono’s true identity. He now has Lucifero’s heart and has access to Gravity Magic. In order to achieve his goal of fixing all humanity, he is removing any possible roadblocks. We will soon get insights into Yami’s home country and meet some fresh faces – but we must await more manga chapters before anything else is given away.

11. Arc 11 (Ongoing)

The Spade Kingdom Raid Arc brought us the surprise reveal of Lucius Zogratis as the fourth Zogratis sibling, who had been posing as Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono. With Lucifero’s heart in his possession, he can use Gravity Magic and is now eliminating any potential risks to his plan of restoring humanity. The arc will also bring us into Yami’s homeland and introduce us to some new characters – how it will play out is still a mystery until more manga chapters release!


What arcs are in Black Clover?

 Among the arcs in Black Clover are Magic Knights Entrance Arc, Dungeon Exploration Arc, Royal Capital Assault Arc, Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc, Seabed Temple Arc, Witches’ Forest Arc, Royal Knights Arc, Elf Reincarnation Arc, Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc, Spade Kingdom Raid Arc, and Arc 11.

Which is the best arc in Black Clover?

 Spade Kingdom arc and Elf Reincarnation arc are often considered to be the best arcs in the series. Despite the fact that it seems pretty obvious, both of these arcs have high-content storylines with a lot of new characters and fights that will leave you breathless. That’s why these Black Clover arcs are so fantastic.

 Who is stronger Yuno or Asta?

 In terms of physical strength, Asta would definitely have an advantage over Yuno. Since Asta did not possess any magic, he trained relentlessly to become stronger.

 When Black Clover will resume after 170?

 Fans can expect the anime to continue some time in late 2023 or early 2024, since it is catching up to the manga. Therefore, it would take a minimum of two years for the Black Clover production team to resume work.

 Who is the strongest man in Black Clover?

Julius Novachrono, the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, is the strongest mage in the entire kingdom. With his time magic, Julius is able to speed up, slow down, stop, and reverse time.

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