Suspect Preston Walls arrested for shooting and killing Gionni Dameron and Rashad Carr

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Since Gionni Dameron and Rashad Carr were both shot and killed recently, people are searching for more information about them.

Gionni Dameron And Rashad Carr Shot And Killed

A 19-year-old Gionni Dameron and a 16-year-old Rashad Carr were killed in Des Moines. Several gunshot wounds caused the deaths of Gionni Dameron and Rashad Carr, both of Des Moines. Des Moines Police spokesperson Sgt. Paul Parizek reported that Preston Walls shot Gionni Dameron and Rashad Carr multiple times while they were sitting in the organization’s common area. Eventually, Dameron Gionni Rashad Carr passed away. The organization’s founder, William Holmes, who works with Des Moines Public Schools, was also injured.

Gionni Dameron And Rashad Carr Shot And Killed
Gionni Dameron And Rashad Carr died in the hospital. (Source: desmoinesregister)

While Holmes, also known by his stage name Will Keeps, was severely injured on Tuesday, his family said in a statement on his behalf that he is “more determined than ever” to continue working on the Starts Right Here mission. Due to the delicate nature of the matter, only a limited amount of information has been made public about Gionni Dameron and Rashad Carr.

Preston Walls, a suspect, has been arrested

Suspect Preston Walls was Arrested.
Suspect Preston Walls was Arrested. (Source: kcrg)

Preston Walls, 18, of West Des Moines, has been charged with the crimes. Police detained two other people Tuesday morning, but released them without charging them with first-degree murder, attempted murder and criminal gang participation. Walls was charged with two first-degree murder charges, one attempted murder charge, and one criminal gang participation charge.

A known member of a criminal street gang, Walls entered the common area of Starts Right Here on Monday. Founder Will Keeps tried to escort him out, but Walls resisted and displayed a handgun.

According to police, Walls had removed his ankle monitor 16 minutes before the incident, while he was on supervised pretrial release for public intoxication and interfering with official acts while carrying a gun.

A court record states that Walls pursued one of the victims and repeatedly shot him. According to police, he was caught on security footage of the shooting. The shooting is still being investigated, according to police.

Authorities claim the deaths were motivated by an existing gang-related disagreement between Gionni Dameron and Rashad Carr, who were both members of an opposing criminal street gang.

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