The Last Of Us Episode 3 Release Date, Time and Where To Watch

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HBO’s The Last of Us might be the first live-action adaptation of a video game to break the curse. But what is next for HBO Max’s zombie series in The Last of Us episode 3? And when will it be released? Find out all that and more right here.

An adaptation of Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed game of the same name, the series premiered earlier this January to rave reviews, and fans of the original and newcomers to the franchise were hooked.

Those unfamiliar with the story may not know that it takes place in a world devastated by a fungal outbreak. In Joel and Ellie, the harshness of their world connects them, and they are forced to work together as Joel transports Ellie to the Fireflies, a radical group that believes Ellie holds the key to salvation. But will Joel manage to get Ellie there intact?

The Last Of Us episode 3 release date, time, and where to watch is all here.

Where Can I Watch The Last Of Us?

The Last Of Us will premiere in the UK on Sky Atlantic at the same time as the US premiere, with the episode streaming live at the same time as the US premiere.

What time is The Last of Us episode 3 airing?

The Last of Us episode 3 airs on HBO on Sunday, January 29, at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, and 6 p.m. Pacific. In locations where HBO Max is available around the world, it will premiere at the same time.

How many episodes is The Last of Us on HBO?

 After this episode, we have 7 more episodes in The Last Of Us Season 1. Originally, it was scheduled to have 10, but that has been reduced to 9. With that in mind, there are still 7 episodes left in the series. Throughout the show, the focus will remain on Bill and Frank, as Ellie and Joel deal with Tess’s death and try to find salvation.

How can I watch a trailer for The Last Of Us Season 1?

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